About Me

As a Creative Content Producer, Production Manager, and Story Producer, I offer 20 years of experience with over 400 projects to credit. I specialize in adventure, food, lifestyle and historical programming genres, with strong international experience having produced shoots in 16 different countries.

I deliver exceptional production management services underscored by passionate story producing, that result in smooth shoots and inspiring cinematic moments.

As Production Manager, I build detailed budgets in Showbiz Budgeting and manage all field logistics including; casting, locations, film permits, props, wardrobe, special effects, pyrotechnics, makeup, lighting, local crews, vendors, helicopters, drones, remote communications, carnets, visas, customs, schedules, call sheets, production reports, risk assessments, insurance, and legal contracts. 

Paramount to my work as a Producer and Production Manager is creating experiences for both cast and crew, rather than simply staging scenes. This translates to higher visceral drama on camera, and more authenticity within a show’s story arc, building a stronger emotional connection with viewers.


  • For Mountain HardWear, I secured international film permits and released difficult locations for rock climbing film shoots in Vietnam, and in Zion National Park, USA by building relationships, and writing detailed Risk Assessments, Safety Plans, and Story Treatments.
  • As PM for the hit Discovery Channel’s survival series “Dude You’re Screwed,” I managed a cast & crew of 30 in remote locations worldwide, where I solved complicated logistics, released difficult locations, built sets, sourced props, created sophisticated surveillance & sat-com systems and managed extensive helicopter operations.
  • For the National Park Service, I orchestrated large-scale Civil War battle reenactments with over 400 cast & crew members, built period sets, and managed locations, make up, wardrobe, props, and pyrotechnics.
  • In South Africa, I successfully negotiated with tribal leaders to cast and shoot with 120 Zulu warriors on a remote mountaintop, complete with period props and wardrobe.
  • In South America, I produced 6 shows across 6 countries, developing stories, casting, securing archaeological shoot locations, producing historical reenactments, and fixing complicated logistical situations.