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  2. A separate agreement will be negotiated if the Materials are used. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Materials may be used, without any obligation or payment to me, to the extent that such Materials (a) are similar to or contain elements of a concept already in development at the time of submission, (b) are not unique and concrete as to be entitled to intellectual property protection under the law, (c) have been made public by anyone at the time of submission or are in the public domain, (d) would be freely usable by a third person if they had not been accepted as a submission or the subject of any agreement, (e) are not protected by Federal copyright law, or (f) are similar to other projects that are independently created by you or third parties.
  3. I am not entitled to any compensation because of your use of similar materials that may have (a) been independently created by you, or (b) come to you from an independent source, whether before or after the date of this Agreement. In any dispute arising from alleged use of the Materials, I must prove that the Materials were used (and that the alleged similar materials were not independently created). No inference of copying or use will arise by virtue of (a) any similarity between similar materials and the Materials, or (b) my submission of the Materials or your access to the Materials.
  4. Neither my submission of the Materials, nor your review (or use of) the Materials, constitutes an implied in fact or implied in law contract, even if there exists an industry custom or practice to the contrary.
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  6. In the event of a breach or alleged breach (a) related to the Materials, or any part or idea therein, or the submission thereof, or (b) relating to this Agreement, my remedies will be limited to a remedy at law for damages. I will not be entitled to any form of equitable relief. Any dispute relating to this Agreement will be resolved by binding arbitration before a single arbitrator. All arbitration proceedings will be administered by JAMS in accordance with its streamlined arbitration rules and procedures or subsequent versions thereof, including its optional appeal procedure (the “JAMS Rules”). The arbitration will be conducted in Denver, Colorado.
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Pitch Me! I am always looking for fun, interesting people with dramatic stories, or unique family businesses that could make a great show. If you would like to share your story, or idea for a show, please agree to the terms and conditions below, then fill out the submission form. Please understand I receive a great many ideas, pitches and proposals for television shows, and other media, from third parties and internally. While your idea or proposal may seem unique, it may in fact be similar, or identical, to one I already have developed. Given this potential conflict, you will need to agree to some terms and conditions before pitching me. Read the terms and conditions.

Production Credits

Mountain HardWear / Louder Than Eleven

  • 2019     Producer / Production Manager     “Spring 2020 Campaign" / Various US Locations
NEST / Deeplocal / Elena Marc, Inc.
  • 2019     Production Manager                       “Art Installation Video / Denver, CO"
Bayer Aleve / WHOSAY
  • 2018     Production Manager                       "Tim Howard Profile / Denver, CO"
Mountain HardWear / Louder Than Eleven
  • 2018     Producer / Production Manager     “Ethan Pringle Profile / Zion Nat Park, NV"
  • 2018     Producer / Production Manager     “Deep Water Solo" / Hanoi, Vietnam
  • 2018     Producer / Production Manager     “Gore-Tex Test Lab" / Elkton, MD
  • 2018     Producer / Production Manager     “Vivian Profile" / Chamonix, France
  • 2018     Producer / Production Manager     “MHW Design Team" / Redmond, CA
37.5 Technology / Work in Progress / Elena Marc, Inc.
  • 2017     Producer / Production Manager     “Cliffside Popup Shop" / Boulder, CO
DIY Network / Warm Springs Productions
  • 2018     Story Producer                               “Building off the Grid - Season 3"
  • 2017     Story Producer                               “Building off the Grid - Season 2"
  • 2016     Story Producer                               “Building off the Grid - Season 1"
Destination America / Citizen Pictures
  • 2016     Story Producer                                “Smoked - Season 1"
  • 2015     Story Producer                                “BBQ Pit Wars - Season 1"
  • 2015     Story Producer                                “Kingsford Challenge - Season 3"
  • 2015     Story Producer                                “BBQ Pitmasters  - Season 6"
REELZ / Warm Springs Productions
  • 2015     Story Producer                                 “Deadliest Shootouts"
FOX / Warm Springs Productions
  • 2015     Story Producer                                 “Legends & Lies - Season 1"
HGTV / Warm Springs Productions
  • 2014     Story Producer                                 “Log Cabin Living - Season 1"
  • 2014     Development Producer                     “Various Development Projects”
  • 2014     Story Producer                                  “Log Cabin Living - Pilot”
HGTV / Orion Entertainment
  • 2014     Story Producer                                  “Living Alaska - Season 3”
  • 2014     Field Producer                                   “Living Alaska - Season 3”
  • 2014     Field Producer                                   “Living Alaska - Season 2”
WEATHER CHANNEL / High Noon Entertainment
  • 2013     High Altitude Producer                      “Prospectors - Season 2”
  • 2012     High Altitude Producer                      “Prospectors - Season 1”
  • 2013     Production Manager                          “Dude You're Screwed - Season 1”
  • 2012     Production Manager                          “Dude You're Screwed - Pilot”
PUBLIC TELEVISION / Great Divide Pictures
  • 2013     Special Effects Supervisor                 “Battle of Vicksburg”
NATIONAL PARK SERVICE / Great Divide Pictures
  • 2012     Production Manager / Casting           “Battle of Kennesaw Mountain”
FOOD NETWORK / Citizen Pictures
  • 2012     Segment Writer                                   “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives”
NATIONAL PARK SERVICE / Great Divide Pictures
  • 2011     Production Manager / AD / Casting     “Battle of Chickamauga & Chattanooga”
  • 2011     Production Manager / AD / Casting     “Shiloh: Fiery Trial”
FOOD NETWORK / High Noon Entertainment
  • 2011     Episode Writer / Producer                    “Last Cake Standing”
  • 2010     Segment Writer                                    “Unwrapped”
TLC / High Noon Entertainment
  • 2010     Episode Writer                                      “Cake Boss – Ships & Sonograms”
  • 2010     Episode Writer                                      “Cake Boss – Toilets & Textiles”
  • 2010     Episode Writer                                      “Cake Boss – Hot Air Balloon Cake"
FEATURE FILM / Citizen Pictures
  • 2010     Producer / Shooter                               “Race Across the Sky – 2010”
NATIONAL PARK SERVICE / Great Divide Pictures
  • 2010     Production Manager / AD                     “Battle of the Little Bighorn”
FOOD NETWORK / Citizen Pictures
  • 2009     UPM /  Producer                                  “Extreme Cuisine – Hawaii”
  • 2009     UPM /  Producer / Shooter                   “Extreme Cuisine – Scotland”
  • 2009     UPM /  Producer / Shooter                   “Extreme Cuisine – Louisiana”
  • 2009     UPM /  Producer / Shooter                   “Extreme Cuisine – Greece”
  • 2009     UPM /  Producer / Shooter                   “Extreme Cuisine – Peru”
  • 2009     UPM /  Producer / Shooter                   “Extreme Cuisine – Mexico”
HISTORY / High Noon Entertainment
  • 2009     UPM / Field Producer                           “Warriors – Scouts”
  • 2009     UPM / Field Producer                           “Warriors – Zulu”
  • 2008     UPM / Field Producer                           “Warriors – Maya”
  • 2008     UPM / Field Producer                           “Warriors – Samurai”
  • 2008     UPM / Field Producer                           “Warriors – Knights”
  • 2008     Producer / Shooter                               “Wild Chronicles w/ Boyd Matson”
  • 2008     Climbing Cameraman                           “Masters of Disaster”
FOOD NETWORK / High Noon Entertainment
  • 2008     Field Producer                                      “Challenge” (11 episodes)
HGTV / High Noon Entertainment
  • 2008     Senior Producer / Writer                      “Endless Yardsale 2008”
  • 2008     Producer / Writer                                 “My Big Amazing Renovation”
  • 2008     Producer / Shooter / Writer                  “Haulin House Season 2” (5 episodes)
  • 2007     Producer / Shooter / Writer                  “Haulin House Season 1” (4 episodes)
  • 2007     Producer / Writer                                 “Endless Yardsale 2007”
  • 2007     Producer / Writer                                 “Holiday Windows 2007”
  • 2007     Producer / Writer                                 “How America Celebrates”
DIY NETWORK / High Noon Entertainment
  • 2006     Supervising Producer                          “Sweat Equity” (26 episodes)
  • 2006     Supervising Producer                          “DIY Web Content” (26 segments)
HGTV / High Noon Entertainment
  • 2005     Producer / Writer                                 “Offbeat America” (72 Segments)
  • 2004     Producer / Writer                                 “Designer Finals – Bogen House”
FOOD NETWORK / High Noon Entertainment
  • 2004     Episode Writer / Producer                   “Competition Specials” (13 Episodes)
  • 2004     Field Producer                                     “Unwrapped” (14 Segments)
  • 2003     Producer / Shooter / Writer                 “National Geographic Today” (9 Segments)
  • 2002     Producer / Shooter                              “Adventure Challenge – Fire & Ice”
FOOD NETWORK / High Noon Entertainment
  • 2002     Producer / Writer                                 “Competition Specials – National Pie”
  • 2002     Producer / Writer                                 “Competition Specials – Pillsbury Bake Off”
  • 2002     Producer / Shooter / Writer                  “All American Festivals” (20 Episodes)
  • 2001     Episode Writer                                     “Ming’s Quest” (13 Episodes)
FEATURE FILM / Warren Miller Entertainment
  • 2001     Climbing Cameraman                          “Warren Miller’s Cold Fusion”
OUTDOOR LIFE NETWORK / Warren Miller Entertainment
  • 2000     Climbing Cameraman                          “Warren Miller’s Global Adventure.”
  • 2000     Producer / Shooter                              “Colorado Outward Bound”
OUTDOOR LIFE NETWORK / American Adventure Productions
  • 1999     Producer / Shooter / Writer                  “Adventure Quest – Balsa Raft part 2”
  • 1998     Producer / Shooter                              “Adventure Quest – Balsa Raft part 1”


About Me

As a Creative Content Producer, Production Manager, and Story Producer, I offer 20 years of experience with over 400 projects to credit. I specialize in adventure, food, lifestyle and historical programming genres, with strong international experience having produced shoots in 16 different countries. I deliver exceptional production management services underscored by passionate story producing, that result in smooth shoots and inspiring cinematic moments.  As Production Manager, I build detailed budgets in Showbiz Budgeting and manage all field logistics including; casting, locations, film permits, props, wardrobe, special effects, pyrotechnics, makeup, lighting, local crews, vendors, helicopters, drones, remote communications, carnets, visas, customs, schedules, call sheets, production reports, risk assessments, insurance, and legal contracts.  Paramount to my work as a Producer and Production Manager is creating experiences for both cast and crew, rather than simply staging scenes. This translates to higher visceral drama on camera, and more authenticity within a show's story arc, building a stronger emotional connection with viewers. HIGHLIGHTS:

  • For Mountain HardWear, I secured international film permits and released difficult locations for rock climbing film shoots in Vietnam, and in Zion National Park, USA by building relationships, and writing detailed Risk Assessments, Safety Plans, and Story Treatments.
  • As PM for the hit Discovery Channel's survival series "Dude You're Screwed," I managed a cast & crew of 30 in remote locations worldwide, where I solved complicated logistics, released difficult locations, built sets, sourced props, created sophisticated surveillance & sat-com systems and managed extensive helicopter operations.
  • For the National Park Service, I orchestrated large-scale Civil War battle reenactments with over 400 cast & crew members, built period sets, and managed locations, make up, wardrobe, props, and pyrotechnics.
  • In South Africa, I successfully negotiated with tribal leaders to cast and shoot with 120 Zulu warriors on a remote mountaintop, complete with period props and wardrobe.
  • In South America, I produced 6 shows across 6 countries, developing stories, casting, securing archaeological shoot locations, producing historical reenactments, and fixing complicated logistical situations.

Battle of Chickamagua (2011)

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Shiloh: Fiery Trial (2011)