About Me

I am a docu-reality Field Producer, Unit Production Manager, and Story Producer with 18 years experience, and over 300 shows to credit. I specialize in adventure, food, lifestyle and historical programming, with strong international experience having produced projects in 15 different countries. I am best known as a logistical mastermind creating elegant field productions with smooth schedules, often making successes out of extremely difficult shoots.

As a UPM & Field Producer, I manage all aspects of field production; casting, locations, props, wardrobe, special effects, pyrotechnics, makeup, lighting, local crews, vendors, helicopters, communications, carnets, visas, customs, schedules, call sheets, production reports, risk assessments, insurance, contracts, budgets, and VIP talent.

I am currently Field & Story Producing for HGTV’s hit series “Living Alaska.” I am also Story Producing HGTV’s new series “Log Cabin Living.” As UPM for Discovery Channels new survival series “Dude You’re Screwed,” I managed a cast & crew of 30 in very remote locations worldwide, where I solved complicated logistics, released difficult locations, sourced props, created sophisticated surveillance & sat-com systems and managed extensive helicopter operations. I also Field Produced season 2 of Weather Channel’s hit series “Prospectors,” where we followed miners up Colorado’s 14,000 ft peaks in  search of precious gem stones.

In the past, I have orchestrated large-scale Civil War battle reenactments with as many as 400 cast & crew members; managing actors, make up, wardrobe, props, locations and pyrotechnics. In South Africa, I successfully negotiated with tribal leaders to cast 120 Zulu warriors on a remote mountaintop, complete with period props and wardrobe. In South America, I produced 5 shows across 6 countries, developing stories, casting, securing archaeological shoot locations and fixing complicated logistical situations.

Paramount to my work as a Producer and UPM is producing experiences for both cast and crew, rather than simply staging scenes. This translates to higher visceral drama on camera, and more authenticity within a show’s story arc, building a stronger emotional connection with viewers.

As a skilled Producer/Shooter, I often operate as a one-man-band in extreme environments, and can shoot with most camera systems. I am an avid climber; comfortable rigging safety lines and hanging from ropes to get the shot.

Perhaps my greatest talent is as an interviewer. With a disarming personality, I connect quickly with others, mining great sound from even the most challenging of characters. My interviews are praised by editors and story producers, delivering deep emotions and dramatic bites.

Finally, I am an accomplished docu-reality Story Producer having written more than 200 shows and segments, and skilled at editing string-outs on Avid Media Composer and FCP. Above all, I am a storyteller, driven by the challenge to connect compelling characters and subjects with an inspired audience!